Thursday, July 10, 2008

Re-visiting tristram.

I'm one of those Diablo 3 fans who started in the first Diablo game, during the days when everyone had a spawn copy. Remember the good old days when we were all on 56k modems and starcraft and diablo spawn were the shit? I remember paying like 20 bucks for a burned copy of diablo 1 as well haha. but anyway. what made diablo so great was its atmosphere of being in an anglo-saxon anoymous town and you were one of three possible travellers. It kept things simple. No epic world map. No kurast and deep and epic backstory. Just a cathedral spawning evil and you having to go check it out. you we'rent saving the world. It even had its own charm and own unique musical score, and despite the annoying walkspeed at times, it was fun to play. but I think the games blizzard makes these days onward have a similiarity with how the new pre trilogy for star wars feels in comparion with the old trilogy. In a way, its taking yourself too seriously that ruins the fun. I hope that in exploring tristram we are givin more to do there than what short and simplified versian we were givin in Diablo 2. I hope theres NPCs, and other easter eggs for us to discover and not just a bunch of enemies for us to use our new and improved toolbar of cool spells on.